How to Make Sequin Pants!

I’ve been longing for sequin pants and after looking everywhere for them, I decided why not make my own? I came across a McCall Pattern for sequin pants not too long ago and I was super excited to try it. I’m not going to lie, it might be a too hot for these right now, but fall will be here before you know it!


Let’s get started!!!!

Here’s what you’ll need:

McCall Pattern 9140- pattern is very easy to follow. I’ve tried making pants using other methods and failed…until now!

Sewing Machine, threaded and ready to go

Stretch sequin fabric (purchased at Jo Ann Fabrics and Craft)

Elastic to create a waistband



Let’s get started!

You’ll start by selecting the size you need (S,M,L, etc…) and cutting out the pattern based on that. Once your done with that, lay your fabric down and fold it in half with the grain going across. Making sure the sequin are face down, cut out the pattern and remove it once you’re done.

Pick up one of the cutouts and pin along in inner seam. Repeat this step for the other leg. Bring one of the cutouts to your sewing machine and sew along the seam using a short zigzag stitch. Repeat this step for the other leg.


Turn ONE leg right-side out and insert the OTHER leg that is still wrong-side out and put it inside the leg that is right-side out. You should have a ‘U’ shape along the crotch. Sew the legs together along the ‘U’ of the crotch. Once you’re done sewing the crotch, turn the pants right-side out.

Fold over the top inch of the pants and sew, leaving a small opening to insert the elastic.  You will need to pull the elastic around your waist to determine how much elastic you need. Attach a clothespin to the elastic and pull the elastic through the small opening. Sew the opening closed to secure the elastic.

Hem the bottom of the pants using the same zigzag stitch by folding over a small amount of fabric twice.

Once you’re done hemming the bottom your sequin pants are complete!




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