Travel Files: Northern Michigan

If you’ve never been to Michigan you might be surprised to learn that The Great Lakes State turns into a bit of a tropical paradise in the summer months with tourists flocking to the state’s beautiful beaches to have some fun in the sun. During my trip to Michigan, I stayed in the Grayling area and spent some time on Mackinac Island.


Grayling is a city of roughly 1,800 people located in the middle of northern Michigan- it is definitely the kind of place where you are not sandwiched in between your neighbors and you just might see some deer. If you enjoy spending time in nature and don’t mind having to drive to nearby cities for shopping, I recommend staying in Grayling when in northern Michigan.

Uncle Tom’s Cabin 

If you’re planning a trip “up north” as the locals say, I highly suggest staying in one of the area’s many cabins  to really take in your surroundings and experience nature.

I spent a week with my boyfriend’s family in Uncle Tom’s Cabin (seriously), a cozy spot nestled on the Au Sable River that featured a lovely screened-in porch, a huge fire place and fire pit, and mediocre bunk beds. 726

Uncle Tom’s Cabin had a large living room with a number of couches for sitting or resting and a nice sized dining area with a long table that nearly seated all 8 of us. 

Adding to the cabin’s rustic charm was a very small kitchen (that really only worked for one person at a time) where we stashed mounds of junk food and cooked meals day and night.



Higgins Lake

As a Florida native I hadn’t spent much time in lakes and rivers, but I had a blast jumping off of a pontoon and swimming in Higgins Lake!




Mackinac Island

Founded as a military outpost in the late 1700s, Mackinac Island is filled with lots of history and tons of shops selling yummy fudge. As one of Michigan’s finest treasures, the island is also perfect for anyone looking to for some fun recreational activities.



There are no cars allowed on Mackinac Island, so we explored the 8 mile island via bicycle. You can rent a bike at any of the bike shops on the island and your rental will include a helmet, a bottle of water, and bicycle of course. On our way around the island we stopped at Arch Rock, where we had to climb up what felt like at least 200 steps to get to the top.




The view from Arch Rock was amazing and the blue waters of Lake Michigan were breath taking!

Here are some additional pictures of my visit.




Michigan may not be at the top of your list if you’re not from or haven’t been to the Midwest, but I highly recommend a visit to this beautiful state!


Thanks for reading!



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